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Cash desk "The Royale" stunning new cash desk in rich colour, salon reception desk

New item by pre-order, Measurements approx. 120 * 53 * 77
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Advise preferred colour - black, rich timber colour (as pictured), or white:

Stunning new cash desk.

Available by pre-order.



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Hello, do u have any of these in stock at the moment and what would freight be to Gold Coast QLD?

Hi, unfortunately we do not have them in stock. we have the other cash desks if interested. best wishes,

Hi!! Just wondering if you have this in Black and what the ptice would be for delivery to Newcastle, 2289. Also, does it come assembled? Thanks

Hi Stephanie, we have the Belize or Belrose cash desks in black in current stock. They are not sent assembled. freight is $70 and you would need to ensure you had someone available to assist unloading at your end. best wishes,

Hi, just wondering is this product still has a 3 month wait on the timber finish?

Hi Chris, yes, we have chosen to bring in the other cash desks. i.e the Cancun,Belrose, Belize and Cancun. if you are willing to pre-order with a deposit we could offer a $85 purchase credit towards other items. best wishes,

Hi, just wondering if the black finish on the "Royale" desk is wood grain or plain black. What is the material of the desk. Do you have them in stock or what is there estimated date they will be in stock Thank you

Hi, thank you for your message. we do not have any in stock, they would be 3 months from date of deposit. we have Belrose, and Belize shall be here in approx. 6 to 8 weeks. best wishes,

what finish is the black/white desk, matt or gloss?

thank you for your message. it is not made yet. what would you prefer, it is a new design with many options? would you be prepared to put a holding deposit, or pre-order?


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